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Brian and Tara Moore have been the lead pastors at New Beginnings AG since June of 2020. They are the proud parents of three adult children with their youngest in high school.

Brian and Tara spent 20 years as associate pastors in the areas of youth, music and young adults. They spent several years helping with church revitalization and provided teams for worship and speaking where needed. 

"New Beginnings AG is like coming home in so many ways. For our family, it is a homecoming. Tara and I grew up here, met here, got married, started a family and began in ministry here. In the years we spent in other ministry, New Beginnings has remained home in our hearts."

Brian and Tara Moore

Lead Pastors


Bray joined us in February of 2022. His primary focus is student ministry, but he is a skilled muscian, songwriter and audio/video tech. He is passionate about raising up the next generation of young people to serve the Lord! When asked to desribe what he does in his downtime, his response was " Long walks on the beach... But just kidding because beaches are overrated." 

Bray McClain

Associate Pastor - Youth